Valance and Drapery Workroom 2018 

South Carolina Residential Price List

Custom products are non-refundable. A 60% deposit is required for all fabric before  an order is placed. The total balance of a signed contract is due the day of delivery or shipping.   A signature is required before items are placed on the workroom schedule. Please notify us of special docking or unloading areas or entrances that are preferred.   All Valances are mounted on a board .  

Measuring total linear width= window face width + both side projections(round up)

Flat Valance w/pleated corners $30 per linear foot

Flat Valance w/pelmets, horns, inverted pleats $45 per linear foot

Flat Scalloped Valance w/ pleated corners $35 per linear foot

Arched Flat Valance $30 per linear foot

Arched Flat Valance w/ pleated overlays at corners $45 per linear foot

Scalloped Valance w/ inverted pleats or horns $45 per linear foot

Pleated Roman Shade w/cord and slats $20 per square foot

Soft Pleated Roman Shade Topper $35 per linear foot

• trim, welt or contrast 3” band add $10 per linear foot

• side jabots to any flat valance add $30 each side

• wider projection board add


Pinch Pleated Drapery up to 107” length $37 per width

Mid- Pleated Drapery up to 107” length $37 per width

Top Tacked Drapery up to 107” length $37 per width

• trim, welt, 1” band on overlap add $8 per vert. foot

• band larger than 1” on overlap add $10 per vet. Foot

• band across width $25 per width

• trim or welt across width $35 per width

• trim or band larger than 1” across width $45 per width

• drapery wider than 5 widths has an increased cost.

• Lengths from 108”-120” add $7 per width

• Length from 121”-132” add $14 per width

• Lengths from 133”-144” add $21 per width

 Fabric sold separately. Lining fabric sold separately. Installation priced separately. 

Valance drops longer than 18” will have a surcharge. 

Drapery widths and linear feet rounded to the next higher whole width or foot. 

Pricing does not include shipping.

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